Once you have looked through the costs involved with getting a puppy, and you’ve determined that you are in a financial situation to do so, you can now start preparing for your new puppy. Unfortunately, there is definitely some work involved with getting both you and your family prepared for the new addition to the family – it’s not as easy as bringing home a pet fish!

Preparing for a Puppy

Preparing the Family

If you have children, it’s important that you prepare them for the responsibilities that come with getting a puppy. It certainly cannot be something that they play with for 2 weeks and then get sick of! Have a ‘puppy preparation’ meeting with the family and sit down to talk about what’s involved – this needs to include things such as walking the puppy, playing with the puppy and feeding the puppy.

You can make things nice and easy by preparing some sort of ‘puppy walking schedule‘ and perhaps even a ‘puppy feeding schedule’. Allocate a day/s to each of your children and emphasize the importance of adhering to the schedule.

If the kids don’t appear to be taking any interest in looking after the puppy, it may be time to consider whether getting a new puppy is a good idea or not.

Preparing the house

As great as it would be for the puppy to arrive at your house already fully trained and well behaved, this is hardly ever the case. It’s important to acknowledge that puppies are like young children, and mistakes and accidents to happen. Make sure to get all valuables and treasures (especially your best loved shoes) off the floor and out of access. You may want to consider dedicating a room – such as the laundry – to the puppy while he or she grows and perhaps even investing in a puppy crate (for training purposes).